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The Ready Set Geek! podcast focuses on the introduction, entertainment value, and critique of geek and pop culture. Every other week, Alix, Cole, & JPG describe their experience with a new fandom or activity that they’ve taken part in, while providing opinions and discussion on recent pop culture news events. Interviews with celebrities and guests are common as well, highlighting that every person as a “geek side” they’re excited to share.

Ready Set Geek! 001 – Sorting Ceremony!

Geek Say What? has evolved into a network and now has three podcasts that you will be able to enjoy!  The first one is Ready, Set, Geek! Cole Garrison is here with Justin M (Geek K.O) and Producer Justin, (Geeks of the Round, now known as Geek Offensive), to discuss what their podcasts are about! Then they grab their broomsticks and fly into the new Ilvermony houses!

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