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The Ready Set Geek! podcast focuses on the introduction, entertainment value, and critique of geek and pop culture. Every other week, Alix, Cole, & JPG describe their experience with a new fandom or activity that they’ve taken part in, while providing opinions and discussion on recent pop culture news events. Interviews with celebrities and guests are common as well, highlighting that every person as a “geek side” they’re excited to share.

Ready Set Geek! 026 – VR Gaming

This week’s episode: our love for Adam West, a brief history of VR gaming, and our thoughts on the VR games available on Steam. We also open the show with some embarrassing high school music choices. Special shout-out to Will Dailey and the team at VR Go Gaming in Anaheim for an amazing experience!  This show is dedicated to the memory of GSW? Network supporter Patricia Bocanegra. From all of us here at the network, our thoughts and prayers are with the Bocanegra family and David Armenta in this time!

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Ready Set Geek! 025 – BBC Sherlock

Alix, Cole, and JPG talk about how much they loved the Wonder Woman movie (spoilers!), the science of deduction and how Sherlock uses it wrong (according to JPG), and how Cole got queasy during an episode of BBC Sherlock. Moral of the story? Alix is the only one who knows how to use deduction skills!

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