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The Ready Set Geek! podcast focuses on the introduction, entertainment value, and critique of geek and pop culture. Every other week, Alix, Cole, & JPG describe their experience with a new fandom or activity that they’ve taken part in, while providing opinions and discussion on recent pop culture news events. Interviews with celebrities and guests are common as well, highlighting that every person as a “geek side” they’re excited to share.

RSG! 045 – Star Wars the Last Spoiler!

This week’s episode: Alix, Cole, and JPG have a spoiler-filled The Last Jedi Talk for Ready Set Geek!’s last podcast of 2017! In this 2-hour special, Alix fights to justify why other ships didn’t do THAT lightspeed move, Cole talks about Kylo Ren’s changes, and JPG expands on why Rose is his new favorite character. From all of us here at RSG!, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to geeks and non-geeks everywhere!

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RSG! 035 – Fanbase Press with Barbra Dillon!

This week’s episode: Alix & JPG sit down with co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon about Fanbase Press and the importance of inclusion. The group talks about the importance of trigger warnings, perceptions about women and minorities in the geek community, and how JPG has a new Jedi Master to learn from! Make sure to check out the publications, blogs, podcasts, and articles of Fanbase Press at! Editor’s Note: JPG wrote this intro, and all ideas of Ms. Dillon training him in her Jedi ways is wishful thinking

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RSG! 030 – Murder at Blood Mansion with Braden, Parker, and Jonah!

This week’s episode: another first for Alix, Cole, and JPG as they record a Kickstarter Live for the card game Murder at Blood Mansion! Filmmaker Braden Barty takes us through his creative design process, while Parker Jacobs talks about his art inspirations for the game’s theme. Also, the team plays the game against the most intimidating 10-year-old they’ve ever met. Make sure to check out for more info!

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RSG! 029 – SDCC Trailers

This week’s episode: Alix is out of town in Nebraska, which gives Cole and JPG free reign on whatever they want to talk about! With San Diego Comic-Con still fresh in their minds, they review the trailers released during SDCC panels. To sum this up: Cole really, really wants another Green Lantern on-screen, while JPG misses playing Shadowrun.

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