Geek K.O. LVL 25.5: Back to the Future (SGS Lost Episode!!)

We're gonna go back in time...LITERALLY! In this special episode, we are playing a never before aired level of "Super Geek Supreme", the precursor to "Geek K.O.", before Justin & Ish joined the Geek Say What? Network, and even before Ish became a co-host! Set your DeLoreons to 2015 and experience the Justin & Hannah era as they answer trivia about the "Back To The Future" series, given by none other than Agent Justin (Agents of GUARD/Benview on Spielberg), and relive the days of segments like "The Sorting Hat" & "The Debate Round"!

We will be back next time with a brand new episode, but for now, MAKE LIKE A TREE & LISTEN, RATE & SUBSCRIBE ON Apple Podcasts!!

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